Relocation is a whole new concept that is all the more tiresome and difficult if done alone. From packing all your exclusive pieces of home decor to carrying huge boxes carrying your favorites, you need to take extra care and pay extra attention. However, with the assistance of the packers and movers in Kolkata, it becomes a little bearable. You need to shell out some extra chunks of money but it will be all worth it when all your housing materials will be shifted to your new place with all the care and comfort.


There are many packing moving companies in Kolkata which have set up their services in different corners of the world, the consumers want nothing except the best. They trust the shifting people with all their worthy things after all.


However, there are some fraudulent as well who indulge in certain terms and conditions with the customers, thus pushing them into a pool of doubts and concerns. Therefore, while looking for the packers and movers in Kolkata, there are some tips that might help you trade with the best. Also, you should check the previous client’s testimonials too about the company. This can help you to choose the best one.

Do your homework

When you have made up your mind about shifting your place, the idea of hiring someone to help you with the whole procedure of packers and movers in Kolkata comes along. With so many competitors, it would be great if you keep your homework done and updated. By doing this, you’ll not only be able to figure out the best service for you but you’ll also save yourself from falling into the trap of the ones who are fraud or the ones whose services are not up to the mark.

Consult experienced Persons

While surfing for the movers and packers services in Kolkata, you’d also find people who have already taken up such kind of services. Experiences are the best teacher they say. And hence, you should learn from the experience of people. This will help you in not committing the mistakes which they had committed. Also, you’ll be more careful about learning from their experience. You’ll not only learn about the services offered by the different packers and movers but will also assist in finding the best packing and moving company in Kolkata.

It’s better to ask some Questions

When you ask some questions to the movers and packers in Kolkata, you’ll clear your doubts in mind and of course, know them better. Here’s a list of questions you can ask before finalizing the service:

  • The quantum of experience which is possessed by the packing and moving company
    Is there any kind of insurance provided if the goods are damaged or lost due to any reason during transit
    What other provision or step can be taken to seek redressal if the goods are lost, damaged, or stolen
    The time is taken by the employees to deliver the goods at the new address
    Does the company not include any particular type of goods which won’t be delivered
    Is the service of temporary storage available to the customers?

These questions are very crucial in deciding the company which a consumer wants to hire in for moving and packing in Kolkata. Also, you can ask packers and movers company for a free quote and it will give you an idea that how much it will cost for the packing-moving services.