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Packing and Moving believe in offering complete satisfaction to the customers. Our insurance services aim at allowing the customers to access all the essential relocation services under one roof. While we simplify relocation and shifting for homes and offices, we also take responsibility for insurance coverage of the goods. We provide insurance for all the goods we are moving.

Though we take all necessary measures to move your goods safely, we are equally cautious about the unforeseen incidents. We cannot control certain unfortunate accidents and natural calamities like heavy rains or landslide. Our insurance services are meant to cover against the risks of damage and breakage of the goods during relocation.

Transit Insurance

In spite of strong packing and sound logistic support, factors like accidents, fire, and riots are beyond our control. Hence we know there is transit insurance. Insurance is must when the goods are transported.

Any damages and losses will be refunded if any damage occurs during the shifting. Our services save you from running to the insurance agent or insurance office. Just provide us with necessary documents and get transit insurance for your goods while you move them from your old residence to the new location.

Why Coverage is Important

As the old adage goes, 'prevention is better than cure'. We know that while you are shifting 100% of your household stuff, there will be many expensive and pricey goods. Any damage and breakage of goods like appliances and electronic goods may cause you huge loss. Hence we provide insurance coverage for the packed and moved goods with nominal charges.

The insurance will cover all the goods we are moving to our new address. This makes your shifting extra stress-free and you can move goods in any season and to distant cities. You might be moving your vehicles including cars and bikes while relocating. Our insurance will cover your vehicles too against. While you are shifting, you can sit back and relax about any unforeseen damages.

What We Do

Packing and Moving are in the relocation industry since many long years. With our strong network and support of logistic, labour force, and warehouse, we have developed a systematic relocation. While you hire our packing and moving insurance services, we take care of all the paperwork. All the formalities and paperwork needed to insure your goods will be taken care of. Since we are professional packers and movers, we provide quick process and you don’t have to spare time out of your busy schedule for all these formalities. We are in contractual deals with our trusted insurance agents who regularly cover our goods during relocation.

With minimum documentation and hassles, you will get your goods covered during the shifting process. The insurance covers your household or office goods right from your doorsteps to the delivery point. Insurance services by Packing and Moving is a sincere attempt to provide 360-degree relocation services. We not only providing packing and moving but also cover all the supplementary services to give you a complete stress-free shifting experience.

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