Top 10 Packers and Movers in Bangalore Charges and Price List

Here is the list of the top Packers and Movers services and compare the charges and save money when you hire the trusted Packers and Movers in Bangalore. You can hire them for House Shifting or for Relocating your Office. The packers and movers provide 100% trusted local Packers and Movers in Bangalore, Household Shifting services in Bangalore, Movers and Packers Bangalore, Local Shifting in Bangalore, Relocation services in Bangalore, Packing and Moving in Bangalore, Car Carrier Services Bangalore, Office Shifting Bangalore, Logistics and Transportation in Bangalore, Bike Moving in Bangalore, Domestic Shifting in Bangalore, House Moving in Bangalore.


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Packers and Movers in Bangalore - Get Free Quotes

If you are looking out for the best and the most affordable packers and movers companies in Bangalore then your search ends right here at Bangalore. We are one of the top rated sites that can give you all the information that you need for your home or your office relocation in Bangalore. We manage a directory of the most reliable moving companies that have been verified by us and are also the most reviewed.

We make sure that we offer to you the list of the moving companies in Bangalore they are reliable. We check the documents of the companies and see if they are in place, we cross check the licenses and also check the companies’ ratings and reviews. This lets us be sure that the company is the most reliable one and has lived up to its expectations in the past. We assures to you that we offer the best pricing in your locality and that the packer companies in Bangalore offer to you the best service quality. The companies in Bangalore will respect the client’s strategy and opinion and ensure that they offer the best deal without compromising on quality.

If you wish to relocate then all that you need to do is to get in touch with us and provide your details. You may call us or fill in the contact form on our website. We will make sure to scan through the available options on our website and then give you the complete details of the trustworthy and genuine companies in Bangalore. We send to you the top 5 companies that are listed with us and that will meet your needs. You can then go through the company website and have a personal conversation with them to understand if they will be able to meet your requirements.

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Just fill the query form with all your requirements and we will give you the numbers of best packing moving companies in near you.

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After filling the query form we will check all your requirements and expected price and then we will share the details.

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Here on our website, you are free to compare all the packers and movers in your area. There are several movers and packers listed with us.

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We provide 24x7 customer support to our clients. You can call us anytime and tell us your requirements for shifting.

Movers and Packers Services

  • Local Home Shifting Services

    When you need to relocate from one place to another place then you always think about someone who will help you in the task. We offers the most reliable shifting services at an affordable cost. When you hire us as your shifting partner, then there is no need to worry about anything. We are one of the best packers and movers in Hyderabad who is known to provide the best services to its clients. So far we have helped thousands of clients in their shifting. If you are planning to shift from one location to another within the city then feel free to call us. If you are planning to transport a car or bike from one location to another, then contact us and get a free quote for this.

  • Domestic Shifting Services

    Domestic Shifting Services includes the shifting from one state to another state. In this shifting, you need to hire the packers and movers in Bangalore. Packing and moving companies help in easy shifting. They complete all the tasks in a proper way and saves time. Packing and moving companies in Bangalore do all the tasks whether it is packing things, loading things, transporting things, unpacking, and unloading things at the new location. They will do all the tasks and save a lot of time for you. Contact us for more details.

  • International Moving Service

    An international moving task is one of the toughest tasks. A person moving or shifting to a new location need to do many things before shifting to a new place. One has to make a proper plan and then execute the same. But in this busy era, no one has this much time that he/she can do this task alone. To make this task easy, there are many firms that help in this. These firms are packers and movers in Bangalore. We are one of the best packers and movers in Bangalore that have helped thousands of clients in the international shifting. If you are planning to relocate from one country to another, then feel free to contact us.

  • Car & Bike Transportation Services

    Shifting and relocating is considered as one of the very hectic and tough tasks. People need to do many things while they plan to move to a new location. But hiring packers and movers can make this task easy. Packing Moving companies in Bangalore do all the tasks. They also help in the transportation of the vehicle from one location to another. So, if you have vehicles along with you and also want to transport them, then hiring packers and movers for this can be game-changing. Almost all of the packers movers in Bangalore offers car and bike transportation services at an affordable cost. You don’t need to do anything when you hire packers and movers for this work.

  • Office Relocation Services

    The office relocation services provided by packers and movers do planning ahead of time. They offer various strategic facilities that help in comfortable and easy shifting. Shifting of offices from one location to another can’t be done without the help of the packers and movers. This task involves many risks because all the office luggage (machines, files) are needed to shift from one location to another. Hiring professionals can reduce risk. If you are an office owner and planning to shift your office to a new location then we advise you to contact the office relocation service provider in Bangalore.

  • Storage & Warehouse Services

    Storage and warehouse services offered by the packers and movers allows the clients to store their luggage for a specific period of time or as per the requirement. When we move to a new location we sometimes not be able to carry all of our luggage to a new location. There may be many reasons behind this. At that time we need the help of the storage and warehouse services and can keep our household items there. If you are in search of storage and warehouse services in Bangalore then feel free to contact us. You can call us and get a free quote for this.

Hire the cheapest packing and moving company in Bangalore

At you will be able to find the best packers and movers in Bangalore. Whether you want to hire a domestic packing company, an international moving company or a local moving company in Bangalore, moving company is your one stop shop to get all the details about the packing and moving companies in Bangalore that you can hire. Even though Packing Moving makes sure to check all the details of every of the best rated packers and movers companies in Bangalore, we ask all your customers who take the details from us to recheck the company details once again before they hire them for the relocation. This will let them be at peace of mind that they are dealing only with the best and the reputed moving companies in Bangalore. And the best part is that we offer to you our services completely for free.

Today the job scenario is such that people need to keep moving from one place to another. Also most of them stay in rented homes which means that every two to three years one has to change their home. Along with the regular job it is a very strenuous exercise if one takes over the entire responsibility of finding and hiring a packing and moving company in Bangalore.

We are a directory that lists the best movers and packers in Bangalore on our website. Once you enter your requirements we make sure to connect you with the rights service provider in Bangalore who will make relocation a safe and easy affair for you. The companies that we have listed offer door to door relocation and our partners do not just offer to you quality service but they also offer relocation in the most affordable way. We understands the importance of hiring a reputed and trustworthy moving company to shift either once residence or ones office. This is why we have listed only the top most movers companies in Bangalore. We do a thorough check of the credentials of these relocation companies and only then list them.

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Lets you reach out to the top rated movers and packers companies in Bangalore

With the rise in demand for the relocation needs more and more movers and packers companies have entered this business. This has given rise to competition and many companies have started offering the moving service in Bangalore. But with so many options customers are left confused about which service provider to hire. We deal only with the quality packers movers Bangalore that come with years of experience and have served many customers in the past they are well rated and have many online reviews which clearly shows that they are the top rated in the packing and moving business in Bangalore. We also do the extra step of checking their details to make sure that they are verified.

Since it is valuables that are being moved definitely one cannot take chances. If you are moving your home them you have many expensive and emotionally attached items that you are getting shipped. If it is your office then you have costly equipment and documents that need to be shipped. You definitely cannot take a chance here and this is where we recommend you that you connect. Since these companies in Bangalore have a huge list of happy and satisfied clients you can thus be rest assured when you hire the packers and movers in Bangalore through us because you know that they are reliable and genuine.

Local Packers and Movers Bangalore Charges and Price List

Shifting Type Within 10 KM Within 20 KM Within 30 KM Within 40 KM Within 50 KM
Few Home Items 4,400 - 7,800 5,400 - 8,800 6,400 - 10,800 7,400 - 13,800 8,400 - 15,800
1 BHK Home Items 6,400 - 8,800 7,400 - 10,800 8,400 - 11,800 9,400 - 14,800 10,400 - 16,800
2 BHK Home Items 7,400 - 9,800 8,400 - 11,800 9,400 - 13,800 11,400 - 15,800 13,400 - 17,800
3 BHK Home Items 9,400 - 11,800 10,400 - 13,800 12,400 - 16,800 13,400 - 19,800 15,400 - 22,800
4 BHK / Villa Items 11,400 - 15,800 13,400 - 17,800 15,400 - 21,800 17,400 - 25,800 19,400 - 27,800
Office Items 9,400 - 13,800 12,400 - 16,800 14,400 - 19,800 17,400 - 22,800 22,400 - 27,800

"Packing Moving is an online portal that makes your search for the packers and movers near me easy. As we are available close to you all that you have to do is to select your city and then choose the best providers for relocation service near you."

Charges of the packers and movers companies

You are free to compare the charges online and on the other portals to see that we are offering the best service at the most reasonable price to you. Our marketing team has taken care to research well and have listed these companies that are one of the cheapest shifting companies in Bangalore. This helps saving time on the research and you do not waste time in asking around or browsing on the internet and then comparing prices. When you reach out you know that you are getting the best moving and packing deals at a very reasonable pricing.

We believes in customer satisfaction and we strive to achieve that. It is our motto that we sim to serve our customers to the best that we can so that they refer us and also come back to us. We also ask our clients to give us the feedback of the companies in Bangalore that they have hired for relocation from our website. This lets us screen out partners if need be and also lets us to make sure that we do not ever disappoint our clients. In the past car and bike transportation was indeed a cause of worry but that is not the case anymore. We have tied up with the transportation companies in Bangalore who will make sure that your vehicles reach you in the best condition and within the promised deadline. You do not have to lose sleep anymore in the fear that your car or your loved bike will get damaged in the transportation.

Transport your car and bike without worry

Not just your home or your office, but if you even wish to transport your car or your bike then you can reach out to get connected to the best moving companies in Bangalore that offer quality service at the optimal pricing. Your car and your bike are expensive and at the same time you have a lot of attachment to it. If you end up hiring a chap and unreliable company to transport the vehicle for you the chances are that they will deliver it damaged to you. There are also chances that if the company is not trustworthy then they may misplace your vehicles. You definitely do not want to take this chance with your belongings. This is why we ask you to reach out because we have partnered only with the best and the reliable service providers in Bangalore who have all the licenses and documents in place and also offer you adequate insurance so that your valuables are safe and secure and reach the desired destination in the best condition.

Domestic Packers and Movers Bangalore Charges and Reviews

Shifting Type Within 250 KM Within 500 KM Within 1000 KM Within 1500 KM Within 2500 KM
1 BHK Home Items 11,400 - 14,800 12,400 - 16,800 14,400 - 19,800 16,400 - 21,800 19,400 - 26,800
2 BHK Home Items 14,400 - 17,800 16,400 - 20,800 19,400 - 23,800 22,400 - 25,800 25,400 - 29,800
3 BHK Home Items 15,400 - 22,800 17,400 - 28,800 24,400 - 36,800 27,400 - 42,800 33,400 - 48,800
4 BHK / Villa Items 21,400 - 38,800 26,400 - 47,800 32,400 - 58,800 38,400 - 76,800 49,400 - 85,800
Office Items 16,400 - 32,800 25,400 - 46,800 38,400 - 61,800 46,400 - 74,800 54,400 - 94,800
Car 4,400 - 8,800 6,400 - 10,800 11,400 - 15,800 13,400 - 18,800 16,400 - 26,800

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List of the Top best Packers and Movers Companies

There are many car and bike transportation companies in Bangalore that are serving customers and helping them to relocate their vehicles. However, we have listed only the best relocation companies in Bangalore. Reach out that takes care to connect with the best transport companies in Bangalore who will accomplish your task of moving your vehicle to the desired location. Getting in touch with us is easy. You may either choose to call us up or to fill up our contact form with all the necessary details. We will then immediately email to you a list of the top 5 best companies in Bangalore that can either transport your car or your bike or help to relocate your home or your office. We give you all the details and once you have them go to the packers and movers Bangalore website and then find out more about the company and then hire them for their services.

Sahara Domestic Packer Mover

Shop No.15, 8th Cross, Siddaiah Road, Bangalore - 560027

Safe and Reliable Cargo Movers

No 213, 1st Floor, DDUTTL Truck Terminal, Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore - 560022

Transdaksh Packers And Movers

No 59/82, 13th C Cross, Teachers Colony, Koramangala, Bangalore - 560034

Pooja Packers & Movers

No D-10, 1st Floor, Dduttl Industrial Suburb, Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore - 560022

Universal Packers and Movers

Jinkathimmanahalli, Krishnarajapuram, Bangalore - 560036

Sun City Packers & Movers

No 12 & 13, 16th Cross, Ramamurthy Nagar, Bangalore - 560016

Safe Quality Packers Movers

Plot No.34, S.No 56/16 5 Hongasandra, Marathahalli, Bangalore - 560037

Shivam Packers and Movers

No.214, 5th Main, Ravikirloskar Layout, Chikkabidarkal, Bangalore - 562123

Karnataka Packers And Movers

No.28, 4th Cross, Ajjappa Block, Rt Nagar, Bangalore - 560032

Kaveri Express Packers Movers

C-122/8, DDUTTIL, Yeshwanthpur Industrial Suburb, Bangalore - 560022

Maruthi Packers and Movers

No. 20, 5th Main, 2nd Cross, BTM Layout 2nd Stage, Bangalore - 560076

Caravan Cargo Movers Packers

No. 19/20, Subbaiaha Reddy Layout, Marathahalli, Bangalore - 560037

Safety Packers and Movers

No.138, 1st Floor, Balaji Layout, Hegde Nagar, Sampigehalli, Bangalore - 560064

Allwin Packers & Cargo Movers

No. P13, ITI Industrial Area, Mahadevapura, Marathahalli, Bangalore - 560048

Sudharsan Packers & Movers

No.22, East Facing, 1st Cross, 1st Main, Chamarajapet, Bangalore - 560018

Secure logistics Packer Mover

3rd Main Road, ITI Layout , HSR Layout 7th Sector, Bangalore - 560068

Packers and Movers FAQ's

What are the packaging materials that the moving company in Bangalore uses at your original home?

The professional moving company in Bangalore use the protective and regular packing materials like plastic wrap, paper, carton, tape, bubble wrap and foam to ensure that all your belongings are packed well and that there is no risk of any breakage or damage during the shipping.

How does the packing company in Bangalore load the items in the truck?

Special care is taken to load your belongings in the truck. The loading is done in a cautious way and these are arranged well so that the truck space is utilised optimally. The heavy and the fragile items are wrapped and loaded well so that none of these break during the transportation.

Will the moving company in Bangalore do unpacking and reassembly at the destination?

Most of the companies do not offer unpacking and reassembly of your belongings in the new location. This is because the moving company may have hired a third party transport for the shipment.

What if I want the moving company to unpack and reassemble the items?

If you still want your items to be unpacked and reassembled in the new location then you may get these services too if you speak to your moving company beforehand. The necessary arrangements can be made for an extra price.

How do you book a relocation company in Bangalore through

To hire a relocation company through here is what you need to do. First submit your requirements, get the best rates and then compare and finalise the company before you hire then for relocation in Bangalore.

How to Hire Trusted Packers and Movers in Bangalore?

First visit our online portal

Share your contact information with is through the contact form

Choose the top service providers from the list given

Read all the real reviews about each company

Choose the company that you think is the most suitable for your relocation

As soon as you submit your number we will send to you a free quote from the top 4 relocation service providers near you in less than 2 minutes.

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