Packers and Movers Terms Conditions

First we see the profile of the company and the details of the owner before referring to you

Terms Conditions

Here is your approval and your acceptance with the PACKINGMOVING website. You need to verify the listed packing and moving companies on your own personal behalf. We will not be held liable in case of any harm. You are the one responsible to check on the reliability yourself personally before you make any contact with the packers and movers company.


The agreement that we have in place is between you and PACKINGMOVING.IN. We are a packers and movers directory and you can use all our services that are listed on our website. You can access our listed packers and movers companies on website, on your smartphone, laptops and various other electronic devices. You can reach us through phone or on email and we are also there for any face to face communication. Whatever be the medium that you use in order to access the website you are bound to abide by all the terms and conditions that are laid down by our company.

Making things clear

PACKINGMOVING.IN is an online directory that offers a list of packers and movers service providers. These companies are listed on our website. We do not practice any kind of shifting or moving services to our customers. All that our website aims to achieve is to help you with a list of verified and reliable packers and movers in your locality.

All the information that we have on our website has been taken from the website of the packer and movers company. All the information is basically what the owner of the company has published. If the owner of the website has published wrong information on their website then we are not to be held responsible for that. So it is important that you verify the details all by yourself. You should check all the information of the company before you hire them to pack and move your belongings.

Make sure that you read all the documents of the company, read their quotation well and take everything that they say in writing. This will ensure that there is no hassle when you use the services.

If you wish to book a service provider from our portal all that you have to do is to share your contact information along with your phone number to us. We will then share your contact details to the service provider who will provide the shifting service to you. We will also be providing you the contact details of the company to you.

We have no control on your contact number once it is given off to the merchant service provider. We can also not promise to you that the merchant service provider will not share your number with a third party. He may sell or even use your information in a manner that you do not want to. In case you face any concerns or queries then it is best that you contact the service provider directly in case you have any issues with the sharing of your information with a third party.

It is important that you use your own mind and contact the service provider before you hire a packers and movers company. Also make sure to cross check all the details so that you take a safe and smart decision.

How can you avail of our services?

None of the personal information that we collect from our clients, partners or customers is shared with any third party or law enforcement agencies. We do not trade or sell personal information to any advertising/marketing agency. The policy is applicable also to the third parties who assist us in maintaining our online presence, conduct our business operations and also to those entities that help us to ensure delivery of uninterrupted services to our customers. We guarantee that all of our third-party partners are keeping the personal information of our clients confidential.


We have all the right to change the criteria that we have laid down for the terms and condition on the website without any prior information. You are the one who is responsible to stay updated on all that we have uploaded on the website. As soon as the terms and conditions are updated on the website these become valid. When you use our website it automatically translates to you accepting our terms and conditions and that you have approved of it.

PACKING MOVING offers many packers and movers for you to use. We take all the measures to establish the authenticity of the packers and movers that we have listed on our website.

PACKING MOVING is only a link between you and the packers and movers service providers. We are not responsible in case there is any loss, theft or damage or in case of any issues with that arise between you and the service provider.

The contents and blogs on PACKING MOVING is written to take care that it is of utmost originality but any loss, confusion or similarity , benefit is not a concern of our website. The website is also not responsible in case of virus infection that occurs on your device when you use our website.

You are not allowed to distribute or to copy our information, article, contact numbers or any information that is on our website for any purpose whether it is charitable, commercial or for private use. The materials that we have on our website cannot be used for your prosomal or for your business use. You are also now allowed to crawl, scarp or mine on our website.

You are also not allowed to use the list of packers and movers on our website because there are PACKING MOVING list of packers and movers companies only. All the rights, licenses and trademarks are reserved by PACKINGMOVING.

Third party dealing

You are using our website and then hiring a third party to offer service to you. This includes the delivery of your goods, transactions of money, deadline issues, and other guarantees and warranties. These are the sole responsibility of you and the third party involved. All the risks that are associated with any dealing are limited to you and to the third party involved.

For businesses

Once you make the payment for advertising your business on our website this money is non-refundable under any condition. We do not also take any responsibility of enquiries for your services. You should pay us the money at your own risk.

Packers and Movers FAQ's

Are the Packers and Movers Safe?

At Packing Moving we have listed only the most trusted and affordable packers and movers among the various service providers in India.

How to get the quotation from packers and movers?

You will have to fill up the contact form that is available on this portal. That is it. We will then share the four quotations from the best matching packing and moving service providers.

Are there any charges for quotation?

We do not charge anything to give you a quotation. In fact once you have filled up the contact form we will immediately share the quotation with you absolutely free of cost.

Is this portal good for local shifting?

We will offer to you information only about the economic and the verified packers and movers in India. We have already served more than 10000+ happy customers till date.

Do the companies listed offer insurance too?

Yes all the companies will give insurance to the customers. It is up to the customer whether they want to purchase the insurance or not.

How to Hire Trusted Packers and Movers in India?

First visit our online portal

Share your contact information with is through the contact form

Choose the top service providers from the list given

Read all the real reviews about each company

Choose the company that you think is the most suitable for your relocation

As soon as you submit your number we will send to you a free quote from the top 4 relocation service providers near you in less than 2 minutes.

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